What we offer

  • City bikes
  • Children bikes
  • Tour trailers
  • Child seats and trailers

Booking & pick-up

We are looking for a new location and partners in Aarhus.

The shop is open everyday in Skagen.

If you’ve got any questions please mail us:


1 day
95 DKK
1 week
300 DKK
1 month
640 DKK
2 months
790 DKK
3 months
940 DKK
4 months
1.210 DKK
5 months
1500 DKK
1 day
95 kr.
2 days
175 DKK
3 days
250 DKK
1 week
2 weeks
1 month
950 DKK
Touring Bikes
1 day
175 DKK
2 days
350 DKK
3 days
525 DKK
1 week
1050 DKK
2 weeks
1960 DKK
Child seat
75 DKK
Trailer (per day)
95 DKK
Child trailer - for two (per day)
95 DKK
Trailer (per week)
455 DKK
Helmet (per day)
20 DKK
1 Pannier (Per day)
60 DKK
1 Pannier (1 week)
245 DKK

For more than 5 years I have rented a great commuter bike from Mikkel and his company Bikes4Rent when I am in Aarhus teaching at Aarhus University. Excellent bikes, service, and price.

I will not be in Aarhus this summer, but plan to be there in Summer 2014. 

Dr. Michael B. Goodman

We have used bikes4rent for the past 5 years on our month-long visits to Denmark.

They are always courteous, and the bikes are in great condition. They’ve readily worked with our sometimes complicated schedule by dropping off and picking up the bikes!

Thanks guys! We’re looking forward to renting from you on our next visit!

Alexandria, Duke University

For the last six years I have had a great fortune to come to this splendid city of Aarhus and enjoy Scandinavian summer every year. I quickly learned the joy of commuting and exploring the city by bike (I wish I could say the same thing about the Danish language), and I have been renting a reliable and well-serviced bike from Mikkel every year. Please reserve another bike for me this coming summer.

Dr. Takao Kato, Hamilton, New York

Dr. Takao Kato, Hamilton, New York

Service, pick-up and returning

Service and repair

No matter if you rent a bike for a day, a week, a month or more, your rental bike will be covered by our extensive full service warranty.

At our workshop, we will service and repair your bike, if needed, at no cost including spare parts. If you have a flat tire, we will fix it for you.


When booking online payment is done with credit card. We accept following cards: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, VISA Electron, Discover, JCB and more.

Booking and pickup

All bookings on our website should be made 12 hours in advance to make sure we have bikes available.
Bikes can be picked up at 9.00 – 12.00 from Frederiksgade 78 in the center of Aarhus.


Please contact us by email or via Facebook and we’ll get back to right away.

Facebook: LINK