Heading to Gammel Skagen

When you bike to and through Gammel Skagen, you really get an insight into the exclusive side of Skagen, probably most if you take the trip in the summer.

Week 29 is famous for attracting expensive sports cars and celebrities. It is the peak week of the year in Gammel Skagen, for without the expensive cars, large quantities of sea food, rose wine and champagne is sold and consumed.

No matter the season, the trip is a good insight into Skagen's changing architecture and history. In addition, the trip also offers a few good stops. Should you get thirsty or hungry you can stop at Restaurant Hyttefadet, which in week 29 also doubles as an exclusive nightclub.

At the end of the trip is the Sunset Square, here you can buy an ice cream or coffee, while you enjoy and maybe clap off a beautiful sunset.

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