The trip goes to Grenen

When the trip goes to Grenen, you get lots of nature and of course what Skagen is best known for, Grenen. 

First stop on road is the White lighthouse and the tipping latern. We recommend parking the bike at the White Lighthouse and walking up to the hill of the tipping latern for the beautiful view.

Next on the tour are the Gray Lighthouse and the Branch or Grenen. Before you go or ride the Sandormen out on to Grenen, we recommend you should stop by Holger Drachmann's grave and check out the view of the many bunkers from from the hill with the giant compass on it.

The trip back offers a lot of Skagen's most beautiful nature. Here you will come past Jene's lake, here you can experience the rich wildlife of Skagen.

There are several places on the route where there are benches, so stop and enjoy nature, maybe bring a bite to eat.

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