Bike rental in Skagen

At Bikes4rent, you can rent bicycles all year round. We are here for the locals and our lovely tourists. 

Service & og ansvar

All our rental bikes are covered by a full service guarantee. So we always offer service, repair or replacement of your bike, no matter what day of the week or length of your rental period.

However, this does not cover missing parts or incorrect use of the rented bicycles. Your insurance covers if the bike is stolen or if you damage the bike. 

We would recommend reading our rental terms and conditions. 

Udlejning & Returnering

Udlevering af lejede cykler fra kl.10, hvis andet ikke er aftalt. 

Cykler skal returneres senest kl.9. De kan returneres ude foran butikken, på alle tider af døgnet. Her ligger du nøgle og evt. display i nøgleboksen. Hvis du har lånt oplader med, vil vi gerne have den afleveret i åbningstiden. Hjelme kan sættes fast via låsen som er monteret på cyklen.  

Alle elcykler skal afleveres fuldt opladet ved udleje i mere end et døgn. Ved dagsleje skal der ikke oplades, da du bare skal bruge din tid på at cykle!

Bike Rental

Et døgnsleje: Du kan afhente din cykel fra klokken 10:00 og skal afleveres klokken 09:00 dagen efter. 

Ved leje af elcykel i mere end et døgn, skal cyklen oplades inden aflevering. 

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Gammel Skagen
Heading to...
Gammel Skagen
When the trip goes to Old Skagen, you get a real insight into the exclusive side of Skagen, at least if you take the trip during the summer holidays. "Week 29" is famous as the big party week. Here you can be sure to see expensive sports cars and champagne.
Heading to...
The trip to Grenen is a wonderful and exciting trip, where you see Skagen's most visited sight. On the same trip, you will see what we believe is one of Skagen's best hidden gems, the "Sea" of ​​Jene. It is home to a rich wildlife and you can see birds like the red-necked diver and yellow sparrows.
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Bike Repairs

Give us a call or come by the store, If you get a flat tire or something else breaks on the bike. We will service and repair your bike, or provide you with a replacement bike. At no extra cost.


We have a workshop in the store, so all bikes are secure and approved by our bike mechanics. We also offer bike helmets for rent for the whole family.

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